Evolved Equipment

High Gear Across All Service Lines

We take great pride in our extensive array of drilling rig and construction machinery. Every piece of Evolved equipment is held to a high operating standard and subject to extensive tool and mechanical scrutiny. Evolved utilizes real-time GPS monitoring systems within all in-field equipment. With this, we are able to manage all machinery for maintenance scheduling, non-compliance activity or driving infractions, and to pinpoint location.

Pipeline Construction

Evolved provides comprehensive construction services towards transmission and gathering systems utilizing an array of pipe varieties and diameter ranges:

Steel – 60mm to 406mm < 50km – we have worked extensively in the Western Foothills, mountainous terrain and Crown lands paralleling the Rocky Mountains.

Fiberglass – 50mm to 150mm Fiberglass Composite Pipeline Systems – with vast experience at installing Fiberspar, Centron and Bondstrand products.

Flex Product Line – 50mm to 150mm Flex pipeline systems – trenching, plowing and directional installs including pipeline rehabilitation.

HDPE – 60mm to 1200mm High Density Polyethylene pipeline system – for gas, water, raw water, process, potable water, etc. Electro fusion, butt fusion, and hot taps.