About Access Equipment Rental

Specialized Equipment Rentals

Vehicles for Work in Remote and Difficult Environments

For projects with seasonal and territorial challenges, or just for efficient work mobility, Access offers vehicle solutions for jobsites in the most remote and environmentally sensitive areas. Our reliable, tried-and-true equipment options and low ground-pressure, off-road and tracked vehicle solutions perform with great efficiency in the harshest climates and most challenging terrains.

To reduce the impact of construction and maintenance activities, our amphibious and all-terrain vehicles offer easy mobility in remote areas and good maneuverability in wet conditions – all with minimal ground disturbance.

All equipment is supplied with professional client operator training or, if needed, complete with the services of one of our own trained operators. Our well maintained vehicles will be swiftly and safely delivered to any jobsite – regardless of location or road accessibility.

Our Rental Units Include:

  • Nodwells
    • Flat Deck
    • Water Tank
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Personnel Carriers
    • Picker Units
  • Rubber Tire Buggies
  • Athey Jeeps
  • Athey Trailers