About Geo Technologies

Ground Condition Assessment

Drilling for Critical Environmental and Mineral Information

Geo Technologies offers environmental ground condition assessments and information that is critical to the exploration, drilling and environmental remediation processes. For client projects in remote, environmentally sensitive or urban areas, our highly experienced team of engineers and operators obtain and analyze core samples to ensure that all investigative requirements of our customer’s projects are met.

Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling tests analyze a number of characteristics to evaluate soil, ground and mineral composition, including:

  • Ground Density
  • Drainage Capacity
  • Moisture & Particle Content
  • Expansion & Contraction (as dictated by different weather conditions)
  • Mineral Quality
  • Mineral Location

Our Environmental Drilling services Include:

  • Continuous Soil Sampling
  • Discrete Soil Sampling
  • Monitoring Well Installations
  • Monitoring Well Decommissions
  • Monitoring Well Repair & Maintenance
  • Injection Well Repair & Maintenance
  • Injection Well Installation & Probing
  • Vapour Well & Soil Gas Implant Installation
  • In-situ Groundwater Sampling
  • Bedrock Coring

Geotechnical Drilling

Engineers analyze the drilling data – from both the topsoil and layers below – to provide valuable construction insight and confirmation of ground support towards the proposed project. Our Geotechnical Drilling services​ include:

  • Split Spoon Sampling
  • Shelby Tube Sampling
  • Shear Vane Testing
  • Piezometers
  • CPT & DMT
  • Bedrock Coring