About Integra Energy Services

Underground Infrastructure Integrity

Energy, Sewer and Water Line Maintenance and Assurance

As underground infrastructures age, and scrutiny from political and environmental watchdogs increases, the need for impeccable stewardship of functioning distribution and delivery systems is a priority issue. With emergency services and ongoing integrity programs, Integra provides complete maintenance and integrity services such as replacements, inspections, removal and repairs.

Energy Pipelines

For replacement or repair of existing transmission and gathering infrastructures, Integra has developed construction methodologies and procedures for complete line replacement while existing pipelines remain operational— allowing producers to maintain production while the replacement occurs.

Our replacement program provides trenchless construction methods to safely complete upgrades to existing infrastructures. This method incurs minimal environmental impact as well as a lower carbon footprint. HDD pipe replacements utilize existing right of ways lowering the associated costs.

Pipeline Cleaning

  • Mechanical Cleaning
  • Caliper and Scraper Pigging
  • Inhibitor Runs
  • Liquids Handling

Responsible Solutions

As experts in underground infrastructures and gathering systems we are fully knowledgeable in all regulatory and compliance guidelines. Our relationship within a group of specialized services allows us to create and maintain integrity programs that provide total assurance towards our client’s good corporate stewardship policies.

Pipeline Integrity

  • Inspection Tool Survey Prep & Support
  • Investigative Digs
  • Anomaly Repairs
  • Reinforcement Sleeves & Clamps
  • Coating Repairs
  • Section & Crossing Replacements
  • Section Isolation
  • Line Lowering & Re-Routing

Cathodic Protection

  • Ground Bed Installation
  • Anode Installation and Maintenance

Decommissioning & Remediation

Mechanical De-Construction

  • Underground Tank & Utility Removal
  • Above Ground Rear Down & Removal
  • Well Abandonments and Wellhead Removal Assistance

Pipeline De-Commissioning and Abandonments

  • Nitrogen Fill
  • Solid State
  • Grouting
  • Cut & Cap
  • Water Fills
  • Line Removal

Rehabilitation and Remediation

  • Decommissioning, Deconstruction and Rehabilitation
  • Lease and Road Rehabilitation / De-activation
  • Re-seeding and planting of Vegetation
  • Erosion Control, Soil Stability and Water Bars
  • Harmful Alteration Disruption or Destruction (HADD) Repairs to Water Crossings
  • Culverts, Geotextiles and Holding Ponds