Pipe 8” YJ Ground Conditions Clay
Installation Length5884m ROW Width5m
Crossings7 Common Lines1

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Cost Savings: Conventional Methods vs TPT

Project Summary

  • Installation completed in 10 sections
  • Pipeline sections were prefabricated and installed along ROW from alignment bend to bend maintaining a 1.5m depth of cover

Work Area

  • 12 work areas ranging in size from 15m x 40m to 20m x 40m were salvaged, stripped and cleared
  • 5 meter cut along ROW was also salvaged and mulched to allow for access and pipe sections where access roads were not available for pipe staging
  • Total of 12 - 90 degree 20 D hot bends were installed tying the trenchless sections together

By the Numbers

  • Scope: Riser to Riser TPT installation – Tie-In to existing systems
  • Duration: 9 days – not including testing
  • Work Area & ROW Clearing and Salvage: approximately 12,700 sq. meters
  • Longest Installation Length: 1470 meters

Right of Way