Pipe3” Flex Pipe & 6” YJ Ground ConditionsClay
Installation Length4228m ROW Width5m
Crossings8 Common Lines3

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Cost Savings: Conventional Methods vs TPT

Project Summary

  • Gathering System was complete utilizing Trenchless Pipeline Technology
  • 3 lines in a common 5m ROW maintaining 1.5m cover
  • Installation was completed over 11 sections utilizing 5 common entry and exit pits
  • All 3 pipelines were installed in separate holes maintaining 1m spacing

Work Area

  • 5 work areas of 15m x 40m were salvaged of timber, stripped and cleared
  • An 800m section of the ROW was cleared to a width of 5m to allow for stringing and welding of the steel pipeline section

By the Numbers

  • Scope: Gathering System – well sites and tie-in to existing satellites
  • Duration: 7 days – not including testing
  • Work Area & ROW Clearing and Salvage: approximately 8,400 sq. meters

Right of Way