Pipe4” Flex Steel Ground ConditionsSand, Gravel, Cobble & Sandstone
Installation Length3278m ROW Width57m
Crossings6 Common Lines1

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Cost Savings: Conventional Methods vs TPT

Project Summary

  • Water injection pipeline installed utilizing Trenchless Pipeline Technology
  • Encountered soils required an installation of 1,500m of 8” carrier pipe as the ground water table was encountered at 2 feet
  • Quick sands, cobbles, pea gravel seams varied to bedrock and beach sands to clays and gravels – every drilling discipline was required to complete this project from Air Drilling to Wash Over Casings and Pipe Ramming

Work Area

  • 9 work areas of 20m x 30m were stripped and cleared
  • 6 work areas required shoring to maintain a safe excavation
  • One additional work area was required for tooling retrieval

By the Numbers

  • Scope: Water Injection Pipeline and Riser Installation
  • Duration: 17 days – not including testing
  • Work Area & ROW Clearing and Salvage: approximately 5,400 sq. meters

Right of Way